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“If you are looking for something to differentiate you from everybody else”


"Not everyone who is considering an extension to provide additional ground floor living space necessarily wants a conventionally glazed conservatory roof.

Traditional glass or polycarbonate glazed conservatories are relatively inefficient at retaining heat on cold days, and providing suitable heating options can be considered expensive.

Conversely they can also be prone to excessive heat buildup on hot days, especially in sunny aspects and southerly facing locations.

The Equinox roof is the solution providing a comfortable living space 365 days a year whatever the weather.

The solid roof solution is highly insulated (0.18 'u' value) to help retain winter warmth, as well as help to keep out the background sounds of general day to day living. There's no need for costly roof blinds and privacy from above is assured. In the summer the solid roof helps cut out the heat and glare of the sun to provide a far more comfortable and usable living space in which to work, rest, play or entertain. Interior furnishings are also better protected against sunlight fading. The resulting vaulted ceiling provides a spacious and airy room which can be specified with roof light windows to maximize interior light and brightness."


“Where a conservatory or porch does not meet all of the above conditions it is not exempt and Approved Documents L1B and L2B give guidance on what would be reasonable in meeting the energy efficiency provisions from non-exempt conservatories and porches. Building Control Bodies will want to note that the definition of conservatory in terms of percentage translucent material as set out in previous editions of the Approved Documents no longer applies”.

The Equinox Solid Roof by Freelance Conservatories

Equinox Roof – Features & Benefits

Provides additional ground floor living space – which you can use all year round; an all year comfortable environment to enjoy no matter what the season

40 Year Guarantee on Roof Tiles

Building regulations not normally required when replacing existing conservatory roofs

Highly insulated with a 0. 18 ‘u’ value comparable to the requirements of any tiled roof

Opening roof windows available

Fast installation comparable to like for like sized conservatories

Installation easily achievable by conservatory and window installers

Primary lighting available from easily fitted and concealed down lights

Choice of internal finishes (PVC panelling, timber or plastered)

Great sound insulation – to drown out the sounds of rain and outside living

No requirement for costly roof blinds

Minimal risk to fading furnishings

Save on your heating bills

Privacy assured from neighbouring properties

What comes with the Equinox Solid Roof?

Metrotile Installed

On top of

Breather Felt Membrane

Fixed to

12mm Plywood

Fixed to

Aluminium glazing bars

Which have?

100mm Insulation between them

50mm Insulation and Glued and Screwed Plasterboard and Plastered Finish

An internal finish of Plaster, PVC Panelling or Timber and Clad can be achieved