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Security PVC Bi-Fold Doors

By far the most popular option for spanning large openings is bi-fold doors. With multi facet door panels that fold back to allow the widest aperture of unrestricted access the doors are stylish and effortless to operate.

Whilst traditional sliding or double French doors remain a traditional solution a bi-fold door can offer so much more, bringing a modern and contemporary feel to almost any home.

These doors are ideal for lounges, conservatories or even kitchen areas as they really do help to bring the garden into your home.

Composite doors

Composite doors are a modern twist on the more traditional looking wooden front doors, similar to PVCu panels in that they come in a wide range of styles, designs and colours but utilising a 44mm thick, fully insulated door slab rather than a 28mm standard panel.

The main advantage of a composite door over a standard panel door are that they are more substantial, being 44mm thick rather than 28mm thick and therefore have the appearance of a more traditional timber front door rather than a plastic panel door.

However because of the materials used they have all the benefits of a panel door, i.e. they will not warp, rot, twist, bow or crack and never need painting.

 Decorative Door Panels

To compliment our range of doors we also offer a wide range of PVC door panels. Manufactured to the British Board of Agrément accreditation (BBA), along with Local Authority approval and certified to ISO9002 all the panels are available in solid or glazed options.

Each panel is made by pressure bonding two PVC skins to a variety of core materials, mostly consisting of MDF and a fire retardant polystyrene which is not only tough but also a good insulator.

French High Security Doors

Our French doors are designed for those locations where you require a single door most of the time but in summer a much larger opening is wanted. Using most of the benefits of the high security residential doors all our French Doors come with handle operated shootbolts on both the master and slave door.

The locks are approved by the ABI (Association of British Insurers) and benefit from multi point locks with hook bolts, roller cambs and a deadbolt.

Extra hinge protection bolts can be fitted to further increase security to Secured by Design standards.

Panic Doors

Here at Freelance Windows we can offer a wide range of Panic Doors and Fire Escapes to suit all of your needs.

Residential Doors

Here at Freelance Windows we can offer a wide range of Household and Residential doors to suit all of your needs.

Residential Stable Doors

Our residential doors are also available in a traditional stable door format.  The two leafs can be interlocked and used as a single door or operated independently so that the top half can be opened whilst the bottom half remains shut and locked.

The stable door is growing in popularity as it has both security advantages as well as safety advantages as it forms a protective barrier to stop small children getting outside.

Extra hinge protection bolts can be fitted to further increase security.